100% Premium Colombian Coffee

What is a barista?

Those who know about coffee know exactly the aroma, texture, taste and shape of a hand-made coffee.

The freshness is felt in each sip, while those who don´t, are easily confused and often recognize “a good coffee” as one that with the push of a button, is ready. There is an art that many are unaware of, the barista, where professionals are dedicated to making high quality coffee through different preparations.

One of the prides of Juan Valdez®, apart from exporting and serving one of the best coffees in the world, are the people behind the bars of each of its stores, who are preparing the best cup of coffee for their visitors, served with love, dedication and quality.

What happens when we want a cappuccino with more milk? Or how about when we want to surprise someone with a latte art, those creative figures that are reflected in coffee? Can we find that in places where they serve strictly machine-made coffee? The answer is no.

As a coffee country par excellence, we are called to take the knowledge of coffee to the next level, and one of the ways to achieve this is to let ourselves be spread the magic of the experience of the baristas, who are ready to share their best tips when making a preparation in shop.

Currently, the barista champion in Colombia is: Ronal Valero, representative of Juan Valdez® who has had years of training to take the work that exists behind a good cup of coffee abroad, but above all to serve the best experience to customers visiting the store of Colombian coffee growers.

The coffee made by hand is not only superior in technical terms, it´s a coffee made with the heart, hence the producers and coffee growers trust and recognize the work of the barista as the one that gives the final brushstroke. It´s up to them to conquer the palates of Colombians and visitors who want to have a good coffee.

At Juan Valdez® we are sure that all the baristas in front of you are giving you their best, as they are a guide to finding your personal taste for coffee. Get to know the flavor of your land and let yourself be enveloped by the coffee world at the hands of those who know.

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