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The professionals who consume the most coffee

If you are one of those who when you arrive at work, the first thing you do is go for a good dose of coffee to start the day, and then you repeat this ritual once, twice, or even three times, to keep yourself going; then it’s likely that you are included within this select list of professions below.

Advertisers & designers

A good coffee is the first step to creating a great idea.

Marketing & public relations

Behind the inspiration of creativity and strategies, there will always be a coffee.


Sleepless nights creating plans are only achieved with a cup of coffee by their side.


In order to be available 24/7 you need a strong coffee.


It’s definitively necessary to have lots of energy to teach.


As exact as mathematics and the taste of a great coffee.


The long 24-hour day requires the company of a powerful cup of coffee.


For long and exhausting days, a strong coffee will always be the best option for staying active.


They recognize a perfectly good coffee and know that it is the best ingredient to start a day in the kitchen.


Persuading someone is not an easy task, but with a sip of coffee, everything is a lot simpler.

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