The Heart of Juan Valdez

Since its inauguration, the Juan Valdez brand has been an iconic symbol of high-quality Colombian coffee.  Backing every cup of Juan Valdez coffee we enjoy, is a group of committed coffee farmers and store workers who are the soul of this brand.

The Coffee Growers of Juan Valdez

Guardian of the Coffee Tradition, Juan Valdez, the iconic farmer with his mule, represents thousands of coffee farmers in Colombia. These farmers are essential to produce the high-quality coffee that characterizes the brand. They work tirelessly in the Colombian mountains, taking care for the crops, selecting the best cherries, and following sustainable practices to ensure quality and long-term sustainability.
In recent years, Juan Valdez has prioritized sustainability in its coffee supply chain.  Juan Valdez coffee farmers have become leaders in the implementation of practices that respect the environment, such as organic agriculture and reforestation. In addition, the brand has established programs that provide support and training to coffee farmers to improve their practices and living conditions.

Colombian Coffee Ambassadors

At the same time, behind the counter at every Juan Valdez store, we find passionate, hard-working baristas who play a crucial role in customer experience. They not only make exquisite cups of coffee, but also share their knowledge about Colombian coffee culture, history, and different varieties. Their dedication and passion for coffee is an integral part of what makes the Juan Valdez experience unique.

The next time you enjoy a cup of Juan Valdez coffee, remember that behind every sip there is a story of hard work, tradition, and love for coffee.

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