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For Coffee Lovers: Certified Sustainable Line

Explore Juan Valdez’s Sustainable Line, where coffee is cultivated with love. From our organically grown beans to family-farmed brews and women-supported productions, each cup echoes our commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and exceptional taste.

Organic Coffee

Juan Valdez’s Organic Coffee is certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the European Union. This means that the coffee is grown without the use of agrochemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides.
The USDA certification is granted to products that meet the standards of organic agriculture in the United States. The certification from the European Union is granted to products that meet the standards of organic agriculture in the European Union.

Finca Coffee

Juan Valdez’s Finca Coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This means that the coffee is produced on family coffee farms that meet high sustainability standards.
The Rainforest Alliance certification is granted to companies that meet the sustainability standards of the Rainforest Alliance. These standards include sustainable agricultural practices, protection of biodiversity, and respect for human rights.

Mujeres Cafeteras Coffee

Cultivated and harvested by the hands of women coffee growers, who fill our coffee plantations with love and pride.
Our Women Coffee Growers made the decision to rewrite their history to achieve a coffee that exalts their effort, passion, and dedication in order to build a better country.
With our program, Women Coffee Growers have been working with us for their economic and social empowerment; so that through gender equity we can achieve a better future for their families, communities, and in general for the Colombian countryside.


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Finca Dark Roast Coffee

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Mujeres Cafeteras Medium Roast Coffee


Organic Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)


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