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Preparation Methods in Juan Valdez

In this Blog we will talk about the different preparation methods that we can use in Juan Valdez, with 100% premium Colombian coffees.
Artisanal extraction methods are instruments used for the preparation of ground coffee, which highlight the attributes of coffee. The name of artisan is given to them because you only need the method, water and coffee, which makes them easy to do.

  • It owes its name to the V shape and to the fact that its reliefs are inclined 60°, directing the water in a spiral for a uniform extraction.
  • Highlights a clean, round cup, which leaves a sweet residual.
  • Recommended for Huila and Nariño coffee.
  • Preparation by complete immersion, with a metal mesh filter. It guarantees a viscous extraction body with a lot of body.
  • Highlights body and residual notes typical of coffee, ideal for balanced coffees.
  • Recommended for Sierra and Volcán coffee.
  • Drip method, which means that the water passes through a layer of coffee and a paper filter.
  • This preparation method highlights the cleanness in the cup and the aromatic notes of the coffee.
  • Recommended for Antioquia and Colina coffee.

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