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One of our Colombian Origins: Nariño

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It is almost a miracle that in the high mountains of Nariño the coffee can germinate, but what is truly amazing is the way in which this process occurs at altitudes of up to 2,300 meters above sea level. In Nariño, a unique phenomenon in the world occurs, where the cultivation at these altitudes would not be possible if it were not so close to the Equator, where the solar radiation is very high; it thus allows the plants to protect themselves from the cold during the night-time.

The sun’s rays during the day are concentrated at the bottom of the canyons, that are typical of Nariño’s geography. During the night, the heat from the radiation rises in the form of warm air to shelter the crops and protect them from the low night-time temperatures, which are colder than other regions in Colombia. In fact, these weather changes force the plants to mature slower and produce more sugars, that turn into a smooth, sweet and citric drink, with an exquisite flavor that is one of the world’s favorites.

Now, if we talk about the coffee growers in Nariño, their work is completely dedicated to finding perfection in their coffee plantations, which allows them to create an exquisite cup of coffee with a rich aroma and an unequaled smoothness, that is outstanding in all types of coffees.

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Cup profile: Mild

Acidity: Medium high
Fragrance: Intense and sweet
Body: Medium
Notes: Lemon, brown sugar

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