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One of our Colombian Origins: Antioquia

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In Medellin and the region of Antioquia in general, one breathes in an intense aroma that has endured more than 180 years of coffee tradition; it is recognized at different moments throughout the day and allowing oneself to be enveloped in it is inevitable.

The first rays of the sun that come up above the city every morning, give a magic ‘’touch’’ to that special moment: coffee time before breakfast. That is the best way to start the day in Antioquia’s capital.

When the sun goes down, there is a new opportunity and a new moment; indeed, it is the perfect excuse for the residents of Medellin to tell stories around a cup of Antioquia Coffee that unites a wide variety of coffees, which provide unique flavors due the region’s incredible geographic and climatic diversity. Furthermore, the richness of its floral environment and its biodiversity provide the coffee with a perfect mixture of balanced flavors with herbal notes and a light fruity smell, that will allow you to experience the flavor of Antioquia.

Enjoy the magnificence of the exceptional Antioquia Coffee plantations and the culture of its people in the Juan Valdez Café® stores in Medellin; the ideal place to complement the city’s customs with an unmissable tradition.

Cup profile: Balanced

Acidity: Medium
Fragrance: Intense and sweet
Body: Medium
Notes: Brown sugar, plum, apple

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