Juan Valdez

Master Roaster

A great part of the flavor of a coffee comes from the green beans that arrive at the roaster ready to be toasted. However, it is thanks to the roasting process that they manage to express their unique attributes, such as acidic or fruity notes, and smooth or intense flavors. Indeed, a body that lingers in your mouth and palate with faint but exquisite sensations.

Like an artist experimenting on a canvas with their brush, the engineer Jhon Freddy Mora, our master roaster for 13 years, interprets the biological and chemical conditions of the different origins and finds the roasting curves linked to each bean. Growing up in Armenia, a region that is traditionally known for coffee growing, together with the passion he feels for coffee; Jhon Freddy can identify the origin of each bean. Furthermore, his academic training allows him to now determine the right roasting type, in order to adapt the beverage to the tastes and preferences of the coffee lovers.

When roasting the beans, the responsibility and commitment of our master roaster is enormous and invaluable, since his work is the key to enhancing the flavor of the coffee. “I believe that in this profession, as in others, we must have a very high sense of social responsibility and be ethical. In fact, we must think about the community, the Colombian coffee grower and the country. Therefore, each action that is carried out is our contribution for the present and future of all of us, thus, neither this nor the passion can be lost, the day they are gone it is better to leave”, affirms Jhon Freddy.

The first thing he does at the beginning of the day is have a cup of coffee, this is how he prepares himself for the day.

He must follow a strict diet and do physical activity, so he can keep his body clean and doesn’t saturate his taste buds.

Part of his work as a master roaster, beyond assuring the quality of 100% of the Juan Valdez® roasted beans, is evaluating samples, studying the origin of the beans, and tasting the different varieties of coffee that Colombia produces in order to provide the best flavor to coffee lovers around the world.

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