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Latte Art

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, “the goal of art is to represent, not the external appearance of things, but their inner meaning.” With this premise, the work of the baristas of Juan Valdez is developed, who through milk-based illustrations, transmit to their customers the passion for their trade: preparing an ideal coffee.

Perhaps many are those who can serve a coffee, but few who can transform it into a true artwork.

Fortunately, the best Baristas and Latte Art experts can be found at our stores across the globe.

They know that through a flower, a heart or a bear, even much more elaborate drawings on the surface on the coffee foam, they reveal a bit of the perfection that the drink carries inside.

The “Latte Art” technique, famous in the 80´s in United States is taking the hearts and cups of coffee lovers.

To achieve the ideal point, the Juan Valdez baristas affirm that the temperature, the texture and the amount of air that is injected onto the milk is key if you want to make a good Latte Art.

Although technique is important when making a good latte art, creativity is the ace up the sleeve of those who want to surprise those who are looking for a good traditional coffee drink.

Classic or risky shapes are well received by Customers, who, with a smile or a photo of the work, indicate to the barista in charge of the preparation their gratitude and satisfaction with their work.

The advantage of having a coffee from the hands of those in the know is the experience that comes with it in each of our stores. At Juan Valdez we are waiting to tell you this and more stories.

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