Freeze Dried Coffee

What are Freeze Dried Coffees?

A Freeze Dried Coffee (very different from regular soluble coffee) is a coffee that has been subjected to a dehydration process at low temperatures that allows the flavor and aroma to be preserved and therefore allows a better result in the cup.

How Freeze Dried Coffee is Made

The freeze-drying process of coffee consist of freezing the coffee extract at a very low temperature and then applying a vacuum extraction to prevent the contact of the coffee granules with the hot air. In this way, the water in the coffee extract changes from a solid to gaseous state directly.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Coffee:

    • It is an instant coffee
    • Because of the porousness of this coffee, it absorbs water or milk very well
    • Ideal for making recipes
    • Easy to prepare with hot water or milk
    • You can prepare at home, office or anywhere you go
    • Comes in different flavors for different tastes

Our Different Flavors: Classic, Decaff & Vanilla Cinnamon

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