Juan Valdez® Café Franchising Overview

Juan Valdez® Cafe is the coffee brand and chain of stores that represents the values and traditions of Colombian coffee growers. It is recognized worldwide for It’s quality and bringing to the world the best of the Colombian coffee origins, offering an authentic experience in each cup.

We are the only international coffee brand that belongs to those who grow, harvest and benefit from coffee, generating value to more than 540.000 coffee growing families.

With a view to developing the Juan Valdez® International distribution business model, we are looking for active and committed partners who want to be part of the Juan Valdez Colombian coffee brand.

Each Juan Valdez® coffee bean is hand-picked and goes through the most rigorous quality controls.

Through the verification of all the stages in the production process of the raw material and its development, we guarantee the quality, aroma and acidity in each cup of coffee, thus ensuring the best 100% Premium Colombian coffee.

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee of our brand, you can find all the information here.

Worldwide Stores

As an integral part of its growth strategy, as of February 2011, Procafecol S.A. announced the start of its expansion program through international franchises. This model seeks to have greater coverage to share with consumers around the world, the best coffee from Colombia. Our franchise model is focused on the American continent, however, we are open to proposals that come to us from other regions around the world. We have more than 500 stores around the world. This map displays the location of our coffee shops:

Why Juan Valdez®

More than 540,000 coffee-growing families benefit from the company’s sales and it is estimated that contributions have been made for around USD 20 million in accumulated royalties, which have been used to support sustainability programs for Colombian coffee growers.

18,000 coffee growers are direct shareholders and receive additional profits through the appreciation of the individual shares they have bought.

Juan Valdez® products are currently present in more than +11,000 sales points in 39 countries and more than 162 stores in 13 countries and 349 Stores in Colombia.

Store Formats

Flagship Juan Valdez

  • Area: over 820 sq ft.
  • Location: open spaces, streets and high visibility areas in major cities.
  • Menu: beverages prepared with different origin coffees, prepared foods, packaged coffee, merchandising and alcoholic beverages.

Juan Valdez Terrace

  • Area: 360 – 820 sq ft.
  • Location: open spaces, streets and high visibility areas in major cities.
  • Menu: beverages, food, packaged coffee, and merchandising.

Juan Valdez Barra

  • Area: 172 – 360 sq ft.
  • Location: closed spaces, generally premises in shopping centers and open spaces within major works.
  • Menu: beverages, food and packaged coffee according to capacity.

Juan Valdez Express

  • Area: 53 – 172 sq ft.
  • Location: places with a high flow of people who buy their coffee to go.
  • Menu: Beverages and food.

Selection Process

Stage 1 – Apply Online

  • ​Someone from the Franchising team will contact you.
  • Execution of Non-Disclosure Agreement

Stage 2 – Business Plan

  • Preparation of the business plan and financial projections.
  • Confirmation of the financials.
  • Tax questionnaire.

Stage 3 – Leadership Introduction

  • FDD Disclosure & Due Diligence.
  • Visit headquarters in Colombia.
  • Presentation to the franchise committee.

Stage 4 Approval and Operations Plan

  • Approval by the board of directors.
  • Execution of Franchise Agreement and Area Development Agreement.

Requirements for Applying



We are looking for companies that have experience in franchise management, with stores in the retail, food or beverage business.
Ideally, these companies should be multi-brand or manage other current franchises, which allow some back office costs to be diluted.

Business Plan

As part of the process, we ask for a business plan that meets the potential market.
The plan must be for five years and include the macroeconomic context, the main data and trends in the coffee market, the competitive environment, the market opportunities and also a growth plan (strategies, expected openings). The store formats detailed below must be specified in the growth plan.


The company that will operate the business must have ample equity to support the expansion plan.

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