What is Juan Valdez Café?

Juan Valdez Café is the #1 brand of Premium Colombian Coffee and is the brand that represents more than 540.000 growing families.

When did you open your first store in the US?

We opened our first store in Washington DC in 2004. Today, we have stores in Miami, Doral, and New York. Juan Valdez is proudly also executing that mission and can be found in hundreds of coffee shops and retailers in 32 countries. Our stores give you the opportunity to experience the unique flavors and aromas of 100% Premium Colombian Coffee, including an appealing portfolio of single origin coffees. The Juan Valdez® Cafe brand represents the quality, values and traditions of Colombian coffee.

When did Juan Valdez Café start?

On December 2002,  the first Juan Valdez Café store opened its doors at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia.

Where can I buy your coffee?

You can buy our coffee in our stores or in our online store: juanvaldezcafestore.com

How do I know which coffee is right for me?

You can take our Coffee Quiz and find your ideal coffee match according to your answers. Take the quiz here: https://www.juanvaldezcafestore.com/quiz/

How can I create an account?

To create an account you can click the person icon on the top right corner and there is an option that says “create an account” and then complete the information required.

How can I place an order?

First, you need to login by clicking the person icon in the upper right corner and enter your username and password. Then, you select the products you want and add them to your shopping cart. Once you’ve finished selecting the products, click the icon of the shopping cart and at the end of the section, press the button that says “checkout”. Next, you follow the steps, complete and verify the information and finally, press the button “place order”.

How can I change the products of my order?

Before placing the order, you can go to your shopping cart and modify the product you have selected.
If you have already placed your order and you want to modify your products, please write to online.store@juanvaldezcafe.com

How can I change the shipping address of my order?

You can change your shipping address in the checkout. Before placing the order you can modify all the information related with the shipping address.
If you have already placed your order and you want to modify your products, please write to online.store@juanvaldezcafe.com

How can I use a coupon in my order?

When you have all your products selected and on your shopping cart, click the button “checkout” and in the “shopping cart” step, a the bottom of the section there is a button that says “apply coupon or eGift card” and then you enter your coupon code.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment we are shipping to the US (United States) and PR (Puerto Rico) but we hope we can start shipping internationally very soon!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription 24 hours before the renewal date of your upcoming order.

Can I suspend or cancel my subscription?

You can suspend your subscription for as long as you want, from your profile account. Enter your username and password, click where it says “subscriptions”, then scroll down a bit and in the lower right corner, you will find a button that says “suspend” or “cancel”. To reactivate it, you must enter your profile account again and reactivate it in the same section where it was suspended.

How can I change the frequency of my subscription?

To change the frequency of your subscription, you must cancel the subscription that is active and create a new one with the frequency that you prefer.

Can I add or modify the products of my subscription?

To add a product on an active subscription, you need to click the product you would like to add, then you must select the same subscription plan you have (same frequency), otherwise the system will create a new one. Then you select the option that says “add to an existing subscription”, you confirm your information and then click the button “add”.

How can I remove a product from my subscription?

To remove a product from your subscription, you enter your profile account, select the option that says “subscriptions”, scroll down a bit and in the section where it says “subscription totals” you can find an “x” on the top left of every product. If you want to remove one of them, you must click the “x” and the product will be removed from your subscription.
If your subscription has been renewed and the products were not removed, please write to online.store@juanvaldezcafe.com

How can I modify the shipping information?

To modify the shipping information of your order, you must enter your profile account. Scroll down a bit and click the option that says “address”. The select where it says “billing address” and there you can update and modify the shipping information.