Enjoying Life’s simple pleasures: a good cup of coffee

Brewing a refreshing cup of coffee is an art that only a few people have mastered. You can give your brew a boost and improve your morning cup with just a few easy changes. Here are some tips to enhance your coffee experience.

1. Buy a Juan Valdez Arabica coffee a 100% Premium Colombian Coffee.

2. Choose one of our fresh coffees in your favorite presentation: beans or ground.

3. Keep it in optimal conditions: dry, fresh, away from sunlight.

4. Use the correct grind based on the method and the amount of coffee you are going to consume.

5. Use the correct proportion between water and coffee.

6. Understand and respect the extraction cycle.

7. Make sure the water temperature is adequate water for brewing.

8. Water quality has an impact on extraction capacity.

9. Shake the coffee during the preparation (not for espresso) to improve the extraction.

10. Choose a brewing method and filter according to your preference (try improving your technique by continually educating yourself).

How about enjoying a cup of coffee now? Go to  juanvaldezcafestore.com and buy some now! Stay tuned for some additional tips coming soon!

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