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Sierra Nevada Coffee - Whole Bean

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At the foothills of the highest coastal mountain in the world, indigenous people cultivate a strong and intense coffee.
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Intense and mild



Flavor Notes

Intense notes of hazelnut and residual notes of dark chocolate


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Sierra Nevada Coffee

Sierra Nevada is one of the world's most unique regions. It is a mountain of 5,800 meters above sea level and 42km from the seashore that enjoys all thermal floors. UNESCO declared it a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site in 1979. Grown under the shade of native forests, Sierra Nevada Coffee is an intense beverage with notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Coffee Growers

Sierra Nevada has around 15,322 coffee growers who mainly come from Indigenous ethnicities such as the Arhuaca, Wiwa and Kogui.

Indigenous coffee growers adopted the coffee growing culture according to their beliefs, growing coffee with organic materials and with a profound respect for mother earth.

For these indigenous coffee growers, coffee is full of flavor and spirituality. This makes it unique. Throughout the entire process, they show their gratitude through rituals that help fertilize their fruits with positive energy.


This pyramidal shape mountain contains all thermal floors and the different ecosystems that make up the rainforest, the forest, and the Andean highlands. Its proximity to the sea creates a unique microclimate with higher relative humidity, which provides coffee its greater intensity and body.

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