Coffee Trends for Next Year

We know that coffee is an essential part of your life as it is of ours in Juan Valdez: we live around coffee.
To have different experiences next year adopt coffee trends to change your routine and the way you drink your daily cup of coffee.
We are here to walk with you in the process and be part of your interests.

1. Coffee Concentrate
Coffee concentrate, allows you to prepare high-quality beverages without fancy equipment or lengthy brew times. Cold brew concentrate is the most popular form, but you can also purchase espresso concentrate. Add water to dilute the coffee concentrate or incorporate it into milk for a richer beverage.

2. Cold Coffee
Cold coffee travels better than hot coffee, accommodating fast-paced lifestyles.
Climate change is another contributing factor to the domination of cold coffee. In 2019, a study found that customers now seek cold coffee year-round thanks to rising global temperatures. This trend has continued to take hold, and still raising

3. Cold Foam
Frothy steamed milk has been the classic topping for cappuccinos and lattes for years. Cold foam is cold, frothed milk created to accompany cold coffee beverages. Hot foam dissipates when added to cold drinks, but cold foam holds a creamy.
There are a rising number of lactose intolerant and vegan customers, making non-dairy milk vital for modern coffee shops.. The best plant-based milk for making cold foam is full-fat coconut cream, not coconut milk.


4. Protein Coffee
Protein coffee it´s a good choice to eat a full meal first thing in the morning. You can make proffee by mixing coffee into a pre-made protein shake. This method provides up to 30 grams of protein.
Other choice blend coffee with plant-based protein powders, which typically offer 20 to 25 grams of protein. Collagen coffee with two scoops of collagen powder provide approximately 11 grams of protein.

5. Food Topped Lattes
Usually inspired by nostalgic treats, coffee shops are offering lattes that recreate a beloved dessert topped with complementary foods. Lattes topped with food will become a fun trend in 2023. Imagine an oat milk latte topped with oatmeal cream pie crumbles or a strawberry shortcake latte topped with freeze-dried strawberries and shortcake pieces. Experience a dessert-inspired latte crowned with sweets delivers.

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