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Coffee sensory experience

Would you like to know how it feels to participate in a sensory experience where the flavors of delicious fresh origin coffee and exquisite cocoa are mixed together?

The five senses are indispensable in capturing and connecting with the elements which are part of this coffee experience. Although it is a group experience, the exercise is completely individual as it will become a dialogue within yourself. This ritual begins with what you it begins with what you perceive with your eyes and hear from the expert about the subject, who talks about the coffee beans, how they are cultivated in the different regions of Colombia and their characteristics according to their origin. Indeed, it is an extremely interesting talk that introduces you to this immense world.

You will become a witness of how a barista prepares a Sierra Nevada, Nariño, Huila or other selected coffees in a dripper, press or Syphon; these preparation methods fill the beverage with the aroma of a perfect cup of coffee. Perhaps intense, perhaps sweet, or with a fruity or nutty flavor; sensations that will let you enjoy what you will perceive on your taste buds. Once you identify the chocolate, Take a sip of coffee and distribute it through your mouth: The strong essence of the coffee imposes itself and the fruity notes will slowly appear, combining with the flavor of the chocolate and discovering that they truly complement each other.

The exercise is repeated, this time without knowing what kind of origin coffee you are going to taste.

Suddenly, an orange or tangerine flavor appears, you are not sure which of these two fruits it is, but you know it is citric. The real moment comes when you perceive a crunchy texture in the chocolate bar and you begin to discover sweet fruity notes and a slightly herbal aroma, this is typical of coffee from the Antioquia or Santander regions.

Finally, you have just discovered how the diversity of coffee profiles and the variety of chocolate flavors can create marvelous combinations that complement, highlight and contrast with one another. However, you can go even further and find new pairings…

What do you think about strawberry cheesecake or chocolate cake with an origin coffee? So, feel free to join this experience, enjoy your perfect cup of coffee and find a combination that will delight your palate!

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