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Coffee in different parts of the world


Is on your bucket list, you can’t miss its delicious coffee. Many of the most famous preparations were named in Italian, such as Cappuccino, Espresso and Latte. This is because Italy is the cradle of coffee culture, where the espresso machine was invented and where the first specialized coffee shop was opened.


This is the city where most of the coffee in the United States is consumed, becoming the “Capital of Coffee”. For this reason, there are many enthusiasts who have created perfect spaces to share a good coffee. According to a study conducted by Redfin, there are a total of 843 coffee shops in Seattle, so, you are sure to find the perfect store for you.


Addis Ababa

The first coffee plantations emerged in the African hills of the Rift Valley, for this reason, in Ethiopia there is a great culture that celebrates coffee. There you can witness a ceremony in which green coffee is roasted over a fire, ground and extracted while singing. It is an experience impossible to forget.


The coffee of this region has been considered “intangible heritage of humanity”. It is smooth, aromatic and concentrated. It has a special preparation that is part of the tradition of this country. For this and much more, there is a Turkish proverb that says that “the memory of a cup of coffee lasts for forty years”.


In Cuba, coffee is an important part of the culture. There it is usually served with sugar and in small portions, which in many occasions is homemade and through of the window.

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