100% Premium Colombian Coffee

Organic and Finca Coffee Certifications

Organic Certification

Our Juan Valdez Organic Coffee is the result of an agricultural process that promotes conditions of the highest standards of care for the environment. It is cultivated and produced in Colombian farms, under a series of methods, practices and inputs which include strict compliance on issues such as:

The use of renewable resources.

Limiting the use of genetically modified plants and animals.

Guaranteed transparency in labelling.

Pesticides and fertilizers made without artificial ingredients or sewage sludge.

Soil and water quality conservation, through the control of chemical substances; artificial pesticides and fertilizers made without artificial ingredients or sewage sludge.

Monitoring and auditing up to the transportation stage in the supply chain.

These guidelines allow us to guarantee the quality of our coffee production from the farm to the industrial processing, which assures that only organic inputs have been used in the process. At Juan Valdez we have certified products with the following certifications:

Organic Food (Colombian Market)

USDA (American Market)

EU (European Community Market)

JAS (Japanese Market)

Certified Products: Juan Valdez organic roasted coffee in the following.

Weights: 500g, 283g and 1000g.

Scope: Processing and Exportation.

UTZ Certification Seal

Juan Valdez Finca Coffee is UTZ certified, a seal that represents sustainable agriculture, that is focused on providing better opportunities for farmers, their families and the planet. Thanks to this program, the farmers who produce this coffee learn better agricultural practices, create better working conditions, and take better care of the environment. This coffee is sourced and produced responsibly through a global program, that verifies that these products have been produced according to the criteria of the UTZ CERTIFIED code of conduct and comply with the Chain of Custody standard.

People: The farms certified by UTZ are safer places to live and work because human rights are respected.

Profit-reward: UTZ agricultural methods result in better quality and more efficient crops at lower prices.

Planet: UTZ certified producers use land, water, and energy carefully, thus protecting natural resources.

In addition, the Code of Conduct establishes the requirements that are at the core of the program, encompassing better agricultural practices and working conditions, as well as better care for the environment and the future generations.

This contributes to the farmers that supply the brand to have better harvests and generate a greater income from them, increasing their social and economic adaptation, while preserving natural resources.

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