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A new combination to enjoy your coffee

You may be wondering how common eating cheese with coffee is? Actually, this is not a very traditional combination, but it turns out to be the perfect complement. The coffee cleanses your palate after each bite of cheese, giving you a unique experience with every bite and sip you take. That’s why today we want to give you 3 tips to enjoy this unique experience.

Take into account the type of coffee:

There are characteristics that are important, for example, the preparation. If you want to learn to appreciate the details, we recommend that you combine the cheese with an espresso, it will be much easier to savor and enjoy what can be highlighted with each one. If you want a more advanced level you can also take into account the acidity of the coffee you drink.

Cheese also matters:

Sweet cheeses such as Gouda or Ricotta combine better with a low acidity coffee, such as our Sierra Nevada or Volcán origin coffees; while half-fat matured cheeses such as Cheddar, Parmesan or Manchego are best enjoyed with a high acidity coffee. A simple way to know the acidity of coffee is to take into account the region and the altitude in which it was grown. A coffee cultivated in high mountains tends to have a high acidity, for example Our Single Origin Nariño and Huila.

Train your palate:

Possibly you are asking yourself: How do I identify if a coffee has a mild or high acidity? Well, acidity is identified by the sensation that a coffee generates on the edges of the tongue. To learn how to identify it you only need to try different types of coffee and note the sensations that it produces, Slowly you will get to know more details that make a good coffee.

Now that you know these tips, we hope that you will want to take the risk of trying new combinations to enjoy your premium 100% Colombian Coffee.

2 thoughts on “A new combination to enjoy your coffee

  1. Anita Fontes says:

    Do you have the coffee whit cinnamon????

    1. Karim says:

      Yes. We do have our Freeze Dried Vanilla-Cinnamon. Perfect for the Holidays. Try it ! It’s amazing.

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