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  • Surprise your Palate with the sweet notes that make our coffee as unique as the beautiful colombian regions from which it comes. shop now

  • A Delicious Fusion of Vanilla & Cinnamon! shop now

  • gourmetfreeze driedcoffee Created with a careful process that preserves outstanding aroma and flavor. Enjoy the best coffee in an instant. shop now

  • Sustainable Selection Beyond just a quality cup of coffee, each blend originates from environmentally-friendly farms growing in accordance with sustainable and organic standards. Go green with a great taste from any of the following blends. Shop Now

  • Single Origin A taste found nowhere else in the world - one originating from carefully-selected beans in an exclusive region of Colombia. Explore it with just your cup. Shop Now

  • instant coffees

    A simple solution to complex, rich tastes. Select from three popular Juan Valdez flavors in instant form.

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  • Accessories

    Enjoy sipping your morning coffee or a coffee on-the-go with a signature mug or thermos.

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  • coffee kits

    Mellow to strong, taste the spectrum of Juan Valdez's popular flavors with the following kits.

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